Cash & Check Reward Program

One of the best life skills I know is to focus on what you DO want, and don’t give much attention, if any, to the things you do not want in your life. I try to use these same principals in my business practices as well. That being said, here’s what I DO WANT, for me and for you…

Let’s keep as much money as we can LOCAL; there are numerous benefits for EVERYONE if we keep our financial transactions within our community!

Just as our local grocery stores have reward programs for bringing your own bags, en-er-gy is implementing a reward program for paying with cash & checks. I would so much rather give a percentage of my sales back to my community members as opposed to the banks. 2.4% – 3.4% on every card transaction adds up quickly and I see an opportunity to use that money in much more fun, productive and beneficial way.

Every time you make a purchase at en-er-gy, glow skincare and/or sonomaGirl Studio Parties, your name will be entered into a drawing for really nice prizes.

  • Here are the details of en-er-gy’s new Cash & Check Reward Program:
  • There will be a jar at the front desk to hold tickets
  • Every time you make a purchase using cash or a check, your name will go into the jar for a chance to win something of real VALUE
  • A monthly winning ticket will be drawn on the LAST DAY of every month
  • Reward Program starts today, with the first drawing being Saturday, May 31st
  • Prizes will be awesome: free classes, skincare services, products, gift certificates to LOCAL restaurants & retail stores, gift cards, a massage, Wine, Cheese, anything I can purchase LOCALLY and pass on to YOU!
  • NOTE: I will always continue to accept credit cards; it’s a convenience, sometimes it’s a necessity, and often we have cards that give us points & miles we are collecting…I get that, and I will gladly accept any and all credit cards…BUT…if you want some cool swag… 😀

This is going to be FUN! The money saved will be invested back into OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY, which I love dearly and care about passionately.

With Focused Positive Attention on all of us,




  • May 2014 – Mandy Bolling was blessed with a Pedicure at Nails by Elaina
  • June 2014 – Tish Lehane was the lucky winner of $25 @ TiddleEWinks:
  • July 2014 – Amy Weinberg was gifted a $40 skincare package from glow skincare
  • August 2014 – Nina Swusdipanee won a large gift bag full of really cool stuff
  • September 2014 – Jenny Goff’s name was drawn for a FREE 3-Day pass to Sonoma Yoga Fest!!
  • October 2014 – Linda Hunt is the lucky winner!
  • November 2014 – Congrats to Dede Goddard! Enjoy the bag of goodies!
  • December 2014 – Yay for Joe Petersen! Joe won 2 tins of herbal wellness tea
  • January 2015 – Way to go, Megan Clouse! She’ll be rockin’ Air Repair’s NEW Moisture Lip Quencher
  • February 2015 – Because it’s so awesome, Denise Cable won Air Repair’s new Moisture Lip Quencher too!!
  • March 2015 – Carolyn Mayta will be enjoying some beautiful homemade bath salts, crafted especially with a relaxing home-spa experience in mind
  • April 2015 – Congrats to Lynn Martin! Professional skincare is always a treat!!
  • May 2015 – Handmade, knitted & felted bowl goes to Mona Couchman. Made with lotsa love by Renée