Belly Dance (Lilly Freeland)
This class will build your foundation in Belly Dance basics and beyond while improving coordination, flexibility, as well as toning your core with every movement. No dance experience is necessary. The best part about taking Belly Dance is that you will have so much fun you won’t even realize you are exercising. For the more serious dancer, monthly performance opportunities are available. Class consists of a warm-up, technique drills & combos, choreography, and stretching. All levels are welcome as you develop your technique, posture, and sense of rhythm.

Body Deja Vu (Carlos da Silva)
A high-energy cardio dance-infused workout. Carlos has taken some of the hottest dance moves from Brazil to Scotland and everything in between and blended them into easy-to-follow dance steps that will allow you to get into the best shape of your life, and have fun doing it! When you join Carlos for his one hour class, your body and mind will experience a new world of energy. He mixes sizzling Latin inspired moves, seductive belly dance, hip hop, and the tantalizing moves of burlesque, plus more! From the second you get on the dance floor, you will be taken to all corners of the globe as, together, we experience all the diversity that music has to offer.

Core & Tone (Lori Marioni)
It’s all about the abs! This class focuses on the core (your abdominals) with every movement. Stretching, toning, strengthening and stamina – with the benefit of exercises that sculpt a flatter stomach. A traditional Pilates mat class combined with roller and ball work builds muscle strength and rebalances the body – fun, invigorating and powerful!

en-er-gy STEP (Renee Wiggs)
It’s fast, it’s fun and it’s perfect for those who want to “fly” on the bench. A quick warm-up stretch leads you right into fast, furiously-fun, challenging STEP Choreography. After 50-55 minutes of stepping mania, the class finishes off with a quick & mellow stretch at the end…now it’s only 7:00 am and you’re AWAKE & ALIVE!

Essentrics™ (Regina Gregor)
Essentrics dynamically stretches and strengthens every muscle in the body, rebalancing the muscular structure in continuous rotational movements. The unique flowing movements of the Essentrics™ program have been proven to simultaneously slenderize and tone the abs, waist, and back with simple yet powerful Essentrics™ strengthening exercises. This is a full-body flexibility technique that works through the muscle chains liberating, relieving from tension and empowering the muscles in the process.

Gentle Evening Flow (Melissa Beasley)
Treat yourself mid-week for a relaxing and gentle evening yoga practice. This breath-centered class is ideal for calming the mind, developing greater body awareness, and gently opening the body to improve flexibility. We’ll do this through slow, mindful body movements that incorporate stretching and balancing postures. Students will be encouraged to keep an internal focus with awareness on the breath. This class is gentle enough and accessible to beginners, and also suited for any level looking for a slower-paced practice. Leave feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. Come stretch and breathe with us!

Gentle Yoga (Shauna Rowley)
A chance to calm the nervous system and bring awareness to the body, heart, and mind. Strengthen, balance, and unwind in this 60 minute practice. Through gentle Hatha postures, lengthened stretching, deep body awareness, and mindfulness meditation, cultivate a sense of joy and clarity to carry with you off the mat. All levels welcome.

Mash Up! (Glenn Schoeneck)
This total body program utilizes free weights, resistance and body weight, along with some cardio intervals, power plyometrics and endurance. Set to driving, motivating music, participants jam through Mash Up class with smiles, determination and strength. No boredom here! Mash Up is effective for all fitness levels; it’s tough yet doable and it will absolutely challenge you!

Mind, Body, Spirit Yoga (Shauna Rowley)
As energizing as your morning cup of tea or coffee, but without the jitters! MBS Yoga combines Sun salutations, standing poses and back bends with a soft flow pace and detailed instruction suitable for a beginner, yet enjoyable for all levels. Wanna really RISE and SHINE? Come join US!

Movement/Mindfulness Yoga (Lesley Murphy)
Class begins with seated meditation. Long held poses (yin) and flowing sequences (yang) are combined with the intention of balance, well-being and awareness of source energy. Focus is on breath, alinement and trusting the intelligence of the body. Class ends with relaxation. Inspire yourself and heal!

Pilates Mat (Yaffa Finley)
Traditional Pilates at it finest!

Pilates Tone (Dawn Theilen)
Come experience Pilates in a new light. This mat class is a perfect blend of Pilates, free weights, balance exercises and stretching. Foam rollers are integrated to reach deep trouble areas. At just once a week you’ll improve your flexibility, strength, balance and posture, and you’ll feel great doing it.

Yin/Restorative Yoga (Lesley Murphy)
Restorative Yoga helps lower heart rate and blood pressure and boosts the immune system by calming the sympathetic nervous system and stimulating the para-sympathetic nervous system. It allows you to move from the fight or flight mode into the relaxation response. Anxiety, depression and fatigue can all be addressed with restorative yoga. Relax and let go…

Shamanic Journey Workshops (Jennifer Grais)
The classic shamanic journey is a visionary method that has been used for thousands of years to explore the hidden universe known mainly through myth and dream. Join us and learn how the shamanic journey is utilized to help restore spiritual power and health both at home and around the globe. No previous knowledge required. Those who have more experience are also welcome.

TRX (Steve Wiggs)
The TRX Suspension Trainer is an innovative and effective exercise tool designed to allow your movements to be specific, controlled and focused. The unique design of the strap system, combined with body positioning and your own body weight, allows for a fine tuning that is hard to match with traditional workout systems and methods. Space is limited to 11 per class.