Gabrielle Saveri


meditation 2This class is open to anyone who enjoys the practice of meditation. We will ground energy, get in touch with and run our own energy, be more present, protect ourselves from foreign energies, and develop intuition to promote desired changes in our lives!

About Gabrielle

I have been studying meditation, intuition and psychic healing practices for over a decade with teachers, shamans, and natives from many different disciplines. As a writer and journalist, my career has always focused on intellect, skepticism and reason. As my life has unfolded, however, I have discovered the importance of getting out of my “head” — getting in touch with my own “spirit,” and disconnecting from the stresses of busy modern-day life. When I do that, my dreams begin to unfold all around me. Meditation has taught me to know myself better, identify and resolve personal hurdles, and recognize energies that are not mine that can come in and negatively affect me. The practice of meditation has changed my life, and I look forward to teaching what I have learned to others!