Glenn Schoeneck

Mash Up!

Glenn-Pic-200x300Friday Mornings, 6:00am

This total body program utilizes free weights, resistance and body weight, along with some cardio intervals, power plyometrics and endurance. Set to driving, motivating music, participants jam through Mash Up class with smiles, determination and strength. No boredom here! Mash Up is effective for all fitness levels; it’s tough yet doable and it will absolutely challenge you!

Message from Glenn:
Helluuur!!! My name is Glenn Schoeneck. My life is about living life to the fullest and just getting out there and trying new things. I have had my own insecurities, fears, delusions about my body, about how I am perceived physically by the rest of the world; but the one thing I am learning each and every day is to learn to love myself where I am at. Each and every one of us is constantly evolving but the exciting thing is that I have control on how I see myself.

After witnessing the changes in the people around me who started taking an active part in their health and personal wellbeing; I knew that having a career in the health and wellness industry would be the start of new adventure for me. I started working out regularly and stayed focused on my own well-being and I started noticing my own transformation. I was standing taller and walking like I was in this LIFE. I finally was living the real me; the healthy and inspired me!! I challenge each one of you to give up your fears and start living your life to the fullest. Lets join forces and enjoy a happy, health, sexy and fun connection where we will build each other up so we can change the world the way only we can!! See you all in class!