air repair

June, 2011

Recently, I had the good fortune to meet a fellow esthetician, who happens to also be the CEO and Founder of Air Repair Skincare. Denise Spanek is her name. She is beautiful, she is dynamic, she is an expert in her field and she has created her own unique skincare line that is worthy of our time and attention. If I was to create my own line of skincare products (someday!), I would have chosen all the same great, natural, high performance ingredients that Denise has so brilliantly blended in her Air Repair Skincare Kits.

blocks_image_1_1-2What is an Air Repair Kit?

Air Repair is a skincare kit consisting of the 5 basic components needed for optimal skin health. It is streamlined and effective…the idea here is to alleviate the need for numerous jars & tubes of lotions, toners and creams. The products are all petroleum, mineral oil and paraben free. The packaging is recyclable and the company is local, based in San Francisco.

Perfect for Sonomans!
The Air Repair Skincare Kit is the only system on the market designed specifically for travelers. It addresses and combats the effects of flight fatigue and environmental stresses on the skin. From the dry air on a jet plane to too much fun-in-the-sun and/or snow, traveling takes it’s toll on the skin, and traveling with all your creams & lotions isn’t easy. The Air Repair Skincare Kit is packaged in a handy TSA carry-on compliant travel bag for convenience. The kit contains enough product for a month’s worth of travel or more….Hence the name: Air Repair….Hmmm….this got me to thinking…..We are all busy and we could all use some streamlining. Sonomans live in a vacation destination location and we are lucky enough to lead daily lives that mirror many of those on holiday. We walk, bike, hike, run, dance, swim, camp, sweat and over-indulge (on occasion) just like vacationers. I have learned that Air Repair is ideal for daily use, as your regular skincare regimen, for all skin types, at any age, in any season, in any climate. Use it at home and/or take it to the gym – it’s packaged perfectly for all lifestyles.

What’s Inside?
The Air Repair Kit Includes the following:
1. Soothing Facial Cleansing Milk – contains Chamomile & Arnica extracts
2. Complexion Quenching Facial Mist – a refreshing facial toner & hydrator
3. Beauty Balm – a complexion boosting moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid (my favorite ingredient ever!)
4. Super Hydrating Eye Cream – soothing line minimizing formulation (this one really rocks!)
5. Rescue Balm – amazing all purpose skin salve & lip balm (dealing with eczema? You want this product!)

A Personal & Professional Endorsement
glow skincare & en-er-gy fitness have had a policy, from day-one, to only sell goods & services that are tried, true and loved; also taking personal responsibility to offer only items that are Earth friendly. Air Repair meets all of my requirements. I am currently using and loving the products and my skin is responding very well.

Pricing Information
Are you ready for this?….the Air Repair Skincare Kit sells for $42. Seriously, I’m not joking, only $42 for an entire month’s worth of a complete cosmeceutical product line. This is an incredible value. In case you’re wondering (I was), there are no obligations. You don’t have to sign up for any future shipments or be part of any marketing plan; just purchase the kits as you wish. I will keep them in stock for you! And even better……get THIS……you can order the individual components of the kit as well! Need extra Toner or Eye Cream? No problem. I am in LOVE with the freedom of having these kinds of options! Email or call me and I’ll put a kit aside for you before they all sell out (especially if you plan on traveling).

Loving the skin you’re living in,
— Renée Wiggs