Steve Wiggs

TRX® Training

Tuesday Evenings, 7:30PM sharp!
Saturday Mornings, 8:00AM sharp!

Class Description:
The TRX Suspension Trainer is an innovative and effective exercise tool designed to allow your movements to be specific, controlled and focused.  The unique design of the strap system, combined with body positioning and your own body weight, allows for a fine tuning that is hard to match with traditional workout systems and methods.
With specific, small, and easily implemented changes to the “conditions” on the TRX Suspension Trainer, we can dial in and effectively work with all levels of fitness in a single class.  We move through a designed work out program, stopping to modify, unload or add intensity, which scale your moves to your fitness level.

Space is limited to 11 students per class.

About Steve Wiggs

“I would describe myself as high tech software development veteran, with two crowning achievements: being an Autodesk, Inc. employee for nearly 30 years, and counting — and — being married since 2000 to the owner, operator and en-er-gy fitness studio CEO, Mrs. Renee Wiggs.  Until recently, my role at en-er-gy fitness studio has been primary behind the scenes, or as a participant in Melissa’s fabulous Wed. 7:30pm yoga class.” —Steve

But that’s all changed now — please read on.

Fitness has always been an interest to Steve.  “I played competitive soccer from the age of 10, throughout all my schooling, and up into “C” league university sports.”  Playing and coaching for many years after as well, his knee finally gave out, putting an end to sports.  7 surgeries later, he discovered that TRX Suspension training works, despite major knee issues.  Training since the fall of 2016, and with a dab of good karma and a sprinkle of universal magic, he teaching TRX at the studio, “and it’s great!”

“I’ve been a professional trainer, on and off in the technical world, for over 20 years.  I’m finding a lot of similarities with what is required in sports training, and thus far the current group attending my class are coming back, regularly.  I can’t think of a better testament than that, so when you come, please ask other participants about their TRX experience.”

“I’ve taken a strong interest in the mechanics of TRX Training, as well as the entire philosophy.  My class is designed based on these important core principles.  What that means is, you will get an excellent workout, that is safe, controlled and predictable.  You’ll listen to some great music, and you’ll meet some super-fine regulars.  We have a lot of fun, but we also work hard to have form, isolated movement, and as a group, we strive to make the easy hard, so the hard looks easy.”

TRX has allowed Steve to realize new heights of potential, and health, “that I didn’t realize existed for me.”  en-er-gy invites you to come in and try TRC, to see if that same potential is true for you.


Recently completed: TRX professional training: Suspension Training Course. Feel free to ask me about the experience — it was well beyond my expectation.





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  1. Fine work Steve – The class description is spot on.

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