Shamanic Journey

The Grace of Renewal 🌟 Journey to the Stars!

Date: Monday, April 10th, 2017

Time: 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Cost: $20.00 cash or check

After a guided meditation where we see each cell in our bodies as a star, we will journey to the highest Realms of Light. We are each galaxies of light and need to rest in this truth in order to restore harmony during this time of transition. We will move from the perspective of the “Personality in a Body,” to the “Universal…” a world of exquisite freedom, unbounded by time or space and our embodied existence. As Jennifer sings and drums, the vitality of the sound will be transferred into your physical body – into your cellular matrix and the strings of energy that connect you to the Universe will be activated. Let’s celebrate the connections between you, the cosmos, and the realms of light…so we can experience the healing and wisdom there waiting for us and bring more of that light back to this world.

The classic shamanic journey is a visionary method that has been used for thousands of years to explore the hidden universe known mainly through myth and dream. In this class, you will learn how to journey (to the sound of the drum), and make contact with your power animal or teachers for healing, protection, and insight.

Please bring a journal!

Experienced as well as novice journeyers are welcome ❤

Register: Renee Wiggs

707-217-4584 or

Questions: Email Jennifer Grais

Note: Feel free to bring any of the following for your comfort & enjoyment: a rattle, journal, eye-covering, pillow, blanket, and if you wish, anything you’d like to add to the altar.

jennifer_instructor2About Jennifer

Shamanic Practitioner Jennifer Grais is a graduate of the 3-year advanced program taught by Michael Harner/The Foundation for Shamanic Studies. She studied energy healing in India at the Oneness University. She is also a professional singer who toured with Jackson Browne and uses her voice in sound healing.